Aqua Climb Back In Business

Aqua Climb wall in the Aquatics Center at WIU Campus Recreation.

Aqua Climb wall in the Aquatics Center at WIU Campus Recreation.

Just let go and splash away if you need to!  Really.  Our climbing wall at WIU Campus Recreation is an AQUA CLIMB wall.  You climb the wall over the water.  If you let go and fall, you fall into the water.

Our wall has been readjusted and ready for a new opening.  The Aqua Climb wall is a definite hit and intrigues many people to try it.  If you want to test your true strength, try this!  The wall sports WIU’s colors of purple and gold and adds to the fun of the Aquatic Center at WIU.

We’re not aware of any other aqua climbing walls in the area.  We’re the first!  Stop in and give it a try when the Aquatic Center is open.

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors and Rent Equipment From Campus Rec

Fresh air, the millions of stars shining at night and the sound of croaking frogs.  All these things tickle your senses when you are outdoors.  Western Illinois boasts many camping, hiking trails and green space for use for free or nominal charge.  We would like to encourage you to adopt an outdoor lifestyle.  Appreciation of the quiet surroundings of this area is something many alumni recall from their days in college.

WIU Campus Rec fosters the love of the outdoors in several ways including through our Outdoor Pursuits programs.  Assistant Director Pat McGrath and Graduate Assistants Austin Pearson and Jesse Sheets still have two trips available to take.

    • Cave-in-Rock Caving, Cave-in-Rock State Park – Cave-in-Rock, IL
      • Dates: Saturday – Sunday, April 25-26
      • Times: 8:00 AM, Saturday through 4:00 PM, Sunday
      • Register by Wednesday, April 22
      • Cost: $15/person
    • Spring Lake Canoeing
      • Date: Saturday, May 2
      • Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
      • Register by Wednesday, April 29
      • Cost: $20/person

Argyle Lake State Park is located 7 miles west of Macomb at Colchester, IL and offers wonderful outdoor space including camping sites.  Spring Lake Park north of Macomb offers camping sites as well as hiking area.  Both parks offering space for biking.

If you’re interested in getting out to the great outdoors over a weekend and enjoying nature, Campus Recreation rents equipment at a nominal rate.

  • Friday Pickup and Monday Return
  • Tent  |  $7.00/weekend
  • Sleeping Bag  |  $5.00/weekend
  • Backpacks  |  $5.00/weekend
  • Sleeping Pads  |  $3.00/weekend
  • 6-gallon Water Jug  |  $3.00/weekend

Late, repair, and replacement fees may apply if equipment is not returned clean, on time, and in working order. To reserve equipment, contact Pat McGrath, Director of Aquatics and Outdoor Pursuits, at or (309) 298-1228, Ext. 238.

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