Try the indoor tri[athlon]

Indoor triathlon event poster

Indoor triathlon event poster

Swim. Bike. Run. It’s that simple. In reality, there’s much more to a triathlon. On Saturday, March 1, participants of the WIU indoor triathlon will get to see what this unique physical contest is all about.

The WIU triathlon will be a nonstandard distance. The event will start in the Aquatics Center with a swim measuring 425 meters (17 lengths of the pool). From there, participants must complete a ten mile bike ride. The contest will end with a two mile run (16 laps around the track).The three fastest men and women will awarded medals.

One of the most attractive aspects of this event is the price. It’s absolutely free and open to the WIU community.

If you would like more information about the event, call the Campus Recreation office at 309-298-1228. Register online or in person. The deadline for participants is Feb. 28.

A triathlon is the ultimate test of endurance for an athlete. To be talented enough to compete in a triathlon, an athlete must be proficient in three very different disciplines. Will you accept the challenge?

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